Houston, TX

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The Powell Brothers are Country/Americana recording artists from Houston, Texas. The group is fronted by brothers Taylor Powell and Blake Powell.  The Powell Brothers spent the first half of 2018 promoting their radio single “Coming Home.”  The single spent seven weeks in the Top 20 on both the TRRR and CDX Traction Texas radio charts.  The group’s follow-up single, “Somewhere Down The Road,” released to radio on August 13, 2018 and was recognized as the highest debuting single on the TRRR chart.  Both singles were produced by Scott Quintana and engineered/mixed by Gena Johnson (“A Star Is Born” soundtrack, Zac Brown Band, Brandi Carlile), the team behind the new CD "Leave On The Light" now available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.  The Powell Brothers will release its next radio single, "The Way You Are," to radio on April 5, 2019.
The Powell Brothers brand new full-length CD “Leave On The Light," released on February 15, 2019, combines elements of folk-rock, rootsy soul and country.  The Houston-based band recorded this album during the aftermath and devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Perseverance, resilience and life on the road provide the backdrop for this new collection of songs that staggers artfully between timeless arrangements and sharp songcraft showcasing a defiant, evolving band on the rise.  Taylor Powell had this to say about the new record:
“Hurricane Harvey definitely changed a lot of things for us,” explains Taylor Powell. “The plans we had been making for the previous few months were completely wiped out. As we were tearing down our childhood home, there were definitely many moments of despair. But as they say, when you are going through hell, keep on going. Looking back, it actually wiped the slate clean, and gave us an opportunity to do something much greater than we had planned before. We decided to use this as a sign that it was time to make the record we had always wanted to make.”

Yakima, WA

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American Honey is a high energy, country/rock band based out of the Yakima Valley. American Honey formed in early 2016 and has since opened for country star Jason Michael Carroll and headlined several shows in Washington State. American Honey plays songs from all genres to keep the crowd on the dancefloor all night long!