The Pazific

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The Pazific (pronounced just like the Pacific Ocean) is a musical collective led by Seattle-based duo Alex and Jefferson Rose. For their Yakima performance, they will be accompanied by sizzling horns, spicy percussion and a hot rhythm section to get you moving.  

Their debut release, The Fusión EP is a wave of Seattle sound, blending the spirit of the West Coast with inspiration from around the world. With songs in English and Spanish, The Pazific’s Latin pop, soul and surf sounds hit home, while their nomadic influences take you on unexpected journeys.

Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys


Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys are Jayleigh Ann Butler and brothers Isaac and Nico Gambito from Yakima, WA. They began in the Summer of 2016 by playing at their local Farmers’ Markets and quickly gained popularity for unique renditions of songs from multiple genres.  They sharpened their skills by playing every open mic, any gig, and busking every chance they had. Their drive and hard work caught the attention of several influential local musicians who helped them develop their style. The group now writes and performs original songs that reflect their broad musical influences.

Their performances blend energetic acoustic guitar, ukulele and percussion with powerful, soulful vocals.  Although Jayleigh Ann and The Lost Boys have been performing for a relatively short time, they have already opened for and performed with Bradford Loomis, Alex Ashley, Robbie Walden, The BGP,  Naomi Wachira and The Common Deer, Indigo Kidd, Cody Beebe and The Crooks and have played prominent events such as Downtown Summer Nights and Chinook Fest.