Seattle, WA

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The Pazific (pronounced just like the Pacific Ocean) is a musical collective led by Seattle-based duo Alex and Jefferson Rose. Much of their music is influenced by Alex's Mexican heritage and California upbringing, and Jefferson's studies and travels in Latin America and Spain.  They are bringing an 8-piece band to Yakima this year with sizzling horns and spicy percussion to get the crowd moving
Their debut release, The Fusión EP is a wave of Seattle sound, blending the spirit of the West Coast with inspiration from around the world. With songs in English and Spanish, The Pazific’s Latin soul and pop hit home, while their nomadic influences take you on unexpected journeys.

Yakima, WA

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Based out of Yakima Washington, ETM was founded in 2015 with Sean and Landon Wilkinson, and Kylon Gienger. They had previously all played together for years in previous bands and felt it was time to create a new start under a new name. Their first self-titled 6 track EP was recorded with Robert Carranza at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant studio in Los Angeles, CA. The band took a 2 yr hiatus with only a few performances per year before regrouping at the home of singer/guitarist Landon Wilkinson in the winter of 2019, to record “Life, Death, and a Million other Opportunities”. Recorded over 5 days, the band has matured into a confident and powerful trio, and will resume a vigorous tour schedule in 2019. The full album will be released on Spotify, iTunes, and all other platforms on April 26th, 2019.