Kara Hesse Band

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"It's as if Bonnie Raitt, Sia, and Janis Joplin had a baby." - Pulse Music Television, San Francisco.  Native to the Wichita plains and raised in Boulder, CO, Kara's midwestern roots seep through her sultry voice and songwriting with an eclectic blend of soul and rock 'n roll.  For the last decade, she has traveled the country, establishing herself in different markets, opening for such acts as BB King, Al Green, Buddy Guy, and Steve Miller.  She currently lives outside Seattle, working on her sophomore record, set to release 2018.


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Supermother is a reincarnate of mid 70's deeper album rock that, by its very definition, rebels against the confinement of the genre. Progressive compositions are steered by the extraordinary sensations of ordinary, human experience, and are unladen by traditional songwriting structure and predictability. Mehal's guitar lines are teeming velvet, the tangled veins out of which he pumps impassioned, visceral sentiments. The arrangements are expertly understated, from high tide pressure of concentrated instrumentation to vibrating, atmospheric negative space, Supermother is an after-hours tribute, a sparse, leather-bound chronicle of honest, imperfect confession through the haze of a smoky small-town tavern.