Indigo Kidd


Some bands meet at a concert, in college, through craigslist, or even get set up by Buzz Osbourne. Indigo Kidd, on the other hand, grew together in a small agriculture town on the east side of Washington state called Yakima. These three long time friends took the advice of a cynical writer in a coffeeshop and moved 1000 miles away. It’s hard to believe the indie pop-punks of Indigo Kidd have now lived in Las Vegas for only two years. Because ever since they moved here, cousins Eli (guitar/vocals) and Garrett Curtsinger (drums) and Dalton Willett (bass)—have fit right in, as if they’ve been playing on the Downtown scene forever.
Amazingly, Indigo Kidd amassed such strong local support without an LP or even a full EP to its name. They have won two different "Best Band in Vegas" awards and have been coined as "Ruling the local scene." When the guys announced their first album Sad Daze in Happy Valley which released late last fall, it signaled an exciting new chapter—taking Indigo Kidd in a more mature musical direction that brings emotional storytelling to the band’s irresistible, dance-in-your-seat pop songs. The album has since been streamed 25,000 times on various services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The band is currently touring and working on new material.



Born within the bleached walls of a small northwest apartment and tested on the rebellious, post-grunge battlefield that is the local music scene of Seattle, MARBLE is a new sound with an old soul. With melancholy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and heavy, rhythm-centric chord progressions, MARBLE is bold, minimal and visceral and is not easily forgotten.